Site Overhaul and a New Feature!

I am so damn excited to announce my site overhaul is finally finished! (Seriously – the last three days have been a demented hell of bad stock photography and realizing my boyfriend is right: I have too many fonts. Also, I try on themes like dresses and it makes just as much of a mess.) There’s updated content, beautiful new photos and – check out that header! I wrote my name legibly. 😉 I’m still tweaking things, so I’d love your feedback!

I’m also excited to announce a new feature – Sophie’s Bookshelf! I love to read and review books, so I’ll be featuring my reviews here, with a focus on self-published and indie books. If you’ve written a book, I’d love to hear about it! Please keep in mind I can’t guarantee you’ll get a good review, as they’re my honest opinions, but I always highlight the positive wherever I can. Romance and romantic novels are preferred, but I also have a love of fantasy and dystopian stories. See the Review Request Guidelines for full details, and you can check out my first official review here. ♥

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll enjoy the sexier new site!

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Hi! I'm Sophie Quist - contemporary romance author and sucker for a good love story. I write books, practice yoga, slay dragons and spoil my sassy hamster. ♥
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