GoodReads Review for A Ship Without an Anchor

I received this awesome review on GoodReads earlier this month and, since it’s #TuesdayBookBlog over on Twitter, I wanted to share it here as well. I always love getting feedback! (and I think I absorb some kind of creative nutrients from reviews. Om nom nom) ♥

Sophie Quist may be new to the romance market, but she’s clearly no new-comer to writing an engaging story. As the first book in her new series, A Ship Without an Anchor delivers on multiple points. Its fast-paced plot is full of mystery, complex character relationships, and a story-line that kept me wondering up to the climax.

Clara St. James isn’t your typical romance novel heroine. Coming immediately from a harrowing home life, she maintains agency over her own life throughout the events that unfold on this quaint New England island. At no point does she come across as the helpless victim, and I was left with the impression that when push came to shove she could handle herself quite capably.

Brook Larson, her reluctant work partner, also breaks the standard romance mold. He does fit the bill as far as the brooding male lead is concerned, but we soon find out that there’s a lot more depth beneath his handsome surface. It soon becomes apparent that Clara is not the only one with skeletons in her closet. Brook is a conflicted, haunted man, but it’s not difficult to see the caring heart beneath his gruff exterior.

This book kept me entertained and invested from the prologue to the epilogue. With everything from small-town intrigue, to well-developed interpersonal relationships, and a wide-range of possible future plot threads, A Ship Without an Anchor is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The series of Channessett Island novels also promises to continue its tradition of winding plots and rising mystery. Be sure to follow this series from the very beginning; don’t miss out!

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Yay! So happy to see you enjoyed my work; thank you so much! And I should have an announcement about one of those future plot threads soon. 😉

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