Book Review: Juliet’s Journey by Kathy Gates

Book Information
Title: Juliet’s Journey
Author: Kathy Gates
Genres: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction
Format: Novella

Juliet Carlsen is about to become a volunteer in an art school in the tiny northern Italian village of Baiardo. She has recently suffered the loss of her mother. Serene surroundings, a warm welcome and the attentions of a handsome local named Luca help her come to terms with her loss. Then someone from her past shows up and turns everything on its head. Juliet finds herself in the middle of a conflict that threatens to tear the fabric of village life.

My Rating:

Hi everyone! I’ve been feeling a touch of wanderlust lately, so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to read Juliet’s Journey by Kathy Gates. This romantic novella took me to beautiful Baiardo, Italy in one of the loveliest reveries I’ve enjoyed in awhile. Disclosure: I was provided a with a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

Juliet Carlsen’s mother recently passed away and she’s on a mission to “get her groove back”. She arrives at Baiardo to volunteer a local art school but gets involved with so much more…including handsome silver-haired Luca da Silvestri (seriously, just say that name aloud – are you not already half in love? And he quotes Shakespeare ♥).

Original photo by Martina Rathgens (originally posted to Flickr as Bajardo) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Original photo by Martina Rathgens (originally posted to Flickr as Bajardo) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Juliet was a great heroine. She was strong, funny, feminine and – on one memorable occasion – feisty! I had my fingers crossed for her through the whole tale.

I loved the way the mystery and conspiracy in Baiardo unfolded in layers, woven through Juliet’s blossoming romance with Luca. There’s a large cast of supporting characters who also help carry the story and introduce some humor and charm (I adored Antoinette).

The romance in this novella was light and sweet. I’m not usually a fan of the “fade to black” adult scenes, but I loved the way Gates later filled us in on some of the poignant details through Juliet’s memories of the previous evening. In fact, that basking in the afterglow feeling that accompanied her approach was one of my favorite parts of this novella.

I only wish it had been a little longer! I would have loved the chance to get to know Luca better. As the story was told from Juliet’s perspective, I felt a strong connection with her, but Luca remains a bit of an enigma to me. Or maybe that’s part of his appeal. 😉 Either way, I wouldn’t argue with a sequel!

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