Book One: A Ship Without an Anchor

aswaa_cover_xtra_smRising from the dark Atlantic, Channessett Island is home to lonely cliffs and romantic beaches, rambling fences and briny winds, dreams of escape and haunting tragedies….

After a harrowing encounter with her increasingly-abusive boyfriend, Clara St. James finally realizes she needs to escape – while it’s still an option. She packs her bags and flees for the idyllic shores of Channessett Island. There she finds a job writing for the local newspaper and hope of a fresh start. She might even be interested in her sexy new partner, if not for his surly attitude….

Brook Larson is a man living among ghosts. It’s been two years since tragedy struck the Island, fracturing his family and setting him adrift. Now he spends most of his time alone, brooding and smoking, and the last thing the Channessett Tide photographer wants is a new partner…especially not a beautiful woman like Clara….

But when Clara’s past follows her to the Island and Brook’s threatens to repeat itself, they find themselves drawn together by forces as inexorable as the surrounding sea. Will their fragile new bond survive the struggles and revelations to come?

A Ship Without an Anchor is Book 1 in the Channessett Island contemporary romance series. This book contains a fully resolved romance plot as part of a larger story arc that will continue in Book 2. This book is intended for mature audiences and contains descriptive sex, profanity, violence and substance use (drinking & smoking).

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