Praise for A Ship Without an Anchor

Sophie Quist may be new to the romance market, but she’s clearly no new-comer to writing an engaging story. As the first book in her new series, A Ship Without an Anchor delivers on multiple points. Its fast-paced plot is full of mystery, complex character relationships, and a story-line that kept me wondering up to the climax.

Clara St. James isn’t your typical romance novel heroine. Coming immediately from a harrowing home life, she maintains agency over her own life throughout the events that unfold on this quaint New England island. At no point does she come across as the helpless victim, and I was left with the impression that when push came to shove she could handle herself quite capably.

Sophie Quist may be new to the romance market, but she’s clearly no new-comer to writing an engaging story.
Brook Larson, her reluctant work partner, also breaks the standard romance mold. He does fit the bill as far as the brooding male lead is concerned, but we soon find out that there’s a lot more depth beneath his handsome surface. It soon becomes apparent that Clara is not the only one with skeletons in her closet. Brook is a conflicted, haunted man, but it’s not difficult to see the caring heart beneath his gruff exterior.

This book kept me entertained and invested from the prologue to the epilogue. With everything from small-town intrigue, to well-developed interpersonal relationships, and a wide-range of possible future plot threads, A Ship Without an Anchor is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The series of Channessett Island novels also promises to continue its tradition of winding plots and rising mystery. Be sure to follow this series from the very beginning; don’t miss out!

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People go to Channessett Island for a lot of reasons. Its luscious beaches, summer carnivals, and its iconic lighthouse with its mysterious history was a getaway for tourists. But Clara wasn’t just another tourist. This ex-bankteller hopes to start over as a writer at her childhood vacation spot, while trying to find a little peace from her daunting past. When things start to fall into place for Clara and she finally begins to relax, she finds out your past doesn’t always stay where it belongs and sometimes you have to punch it in the nose to get it to stay there.

At first glance I thought this book was going to be another one of those sad stories of an abused woman who struggles to find herself only to find herself in another man.

This is NOT one of those stories.

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A well-written seaside romance. I enjoyed reading this book very much. The author wrote a good solid book with well developed characters. No grammar problems or typos either, which is always nice. I liked the fictional New England island setting, and the people who live there. It has good atmosphere and rings true.

The main characters, Clara and Brook, are interesting and believable. They also have good chemistry. They’re both dealing with difficult pasts, which we learn about as the book progresses. I found myself turning the pages quickly to see how their story would unfold. It did not disappoint.

The author has built a strong foundation in this book – things could go in so many directions.
Some of the other characters figure just enough in the plot to make me look forward to future books in this series. As the book description states, this is a fully resolved novel on its own and it’s very satisfying in this respect. But there are also some enticing hints of things to come, including an intriguing epilogue involving Brook’s sister, Alexis, a character I especially liked.

So I’m intrigued. The author has built a strong foundation in this book – things could go in so many directions. I will definitely be waiting to revisit Channessett Island in the next book. I think Sophie Quist is an author to watch.

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 Pleasantly Pleased. Most self published books I’m leery of getting. Though this author knows her way around the letter. I liked her description and style. The story is well paced, keeping the interest going. Well done! I hope she finds a publisher to pick her up. I was pleasantly pleased.

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First of all, the cover drew me in and I even pre-ordered this book – something I hardly ever do. I have never before read a story from three different perspectives, but it actually gave me a deeper insight into Clara and her circumstances. Clara and Brook’s relationship develops very slowly and naturally, and I loved the mystery at the beginning about Adrienne when I didn’t exactly know how everything fit together. I can easily tell from the beginning of a story where it’s going, and in the beginning I actually thought Adrienne had a much more significant role to play in Brook’s life, and I must confess I was relieved when I found out I had it wrong (for a change) .

I really enjoyed reading this story and getting to know Clara and Brook, two well-developed characters. My favourite quote from the story: “Like golden geese and glass slippers, happy endings were only found in fairy tales.”

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Great story from a promising new romance author.I don’t typically read too many straight romances, but I do enjoy a good beach-themed book. I’m also a bit of a sucker for characters with hidden pasts. I thought that aspect of the story was pulled off very well. You learn about Clara’s circumstances right off the bat, but Brook’s past remains a mystery for much of the book, driving a lot of the action forwards. The pace of the story remained steady throughout, not really bogging down with tons of repetitive detail like a lot of the other romances I’ve read.

Clara and Brook are such a sweet couple, and I’m really looking forward to reading more from this author.

There is some mild violence in this book, but not offensive to me in the least. The majority is totally justified and I was cheering throughout. And as far as the sex goes, it’s not the most explicit I’ve read, but it’s more than enough to keep readers satisfied. The relationship between Clara and Brook developed realistically, with many ups and downs. Both characters have their flaws, but neither comes off as whiny or annoying. The tension between the two MCs was also skillfully drawn out so by the time they did get together I was more than invested in the story.

Clara and Brook are such a sweet couple, and I’m really looking forward to reading more from this author. I’m not sure how many books this series will go on for, but she left many possibilities and well-developed characters open for future stories. Can’t wait for the next one!

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I enjoyed this book very much! I liked the writing style, and the story and characters were interesting. It’s definitely something you could read in a day, it’s not too short and not too long. I look forward to the next book!
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Loved it…….. Loved the book. Easy read. Can’t wait to read more from Sophie Quist…..

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